Original Condition in 12 Steps

Having your collision-damaged vehicle repaired at G & M Body and Paint Shop takes place over 12 steps. With the list below, you can follow along with a step-by-step process of restoring your car, truck, or SUV.

1. We begin with your FREE estimate, but if your insurance company is sending out an adjuster there’s no need for an estimate.

2. Your insurance company approves the estimate (or you do, if you’re paying out of pocket).

3. We disassemble your vehicle.

4. If additional damage is discovered during teardown, the damage is assessed and documented with photos and the insurance company is notified.

5. We order the necessary OEM or other high-quality replacement parts.

6. We repair the structure of the car, including any frame damage or unibody damage.

7. We carry out any necessary body repairs.

8. We prep your car for painting.

9. We paint your car using the very best in automotive paints, including environmentally friendly PPG Environbase Painting System.

10. We reassemble your vehicle.

11. We do any final detailing for a perfect finish.

12. We deliver your car to you.